MY FATHER, LLOYD GEORGE by Richard Lloyd George


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To call this biography ""intimate"" or ""revealing"" would be an understatement. Here- ""The Man Who the War"" is pictured candidly by his son, himself a man of 70 today, and an incredible portrait it is. For Lloyd George was almost constantly involved in extra-marital affairs, teetering near the brink of public exposure and disaster, saved through most of his career by the loyalty of his wife. That a man who rose to the highest post in his country could have survived this in public life is astounding, especially in a country just emerging from the Victorian era. Equally astounding is Lloyd George's virtual abdication of any real attempts to regain leadership after the war. At 58 he ""retired"" in essence to his estate where he surrounded himself with a harem- no other word could better describe the establishment he maintained. Despite his own evident disapproval, the son writes warmly of his father, of his courage, his eloquence, his political genius. He is also as adept at capturing the flavor of an anecdote on paper as his father was in telling one. And through the pages of a thoroughly enjoyable book pass most of the great names in twentieth century British history.

Pub Date: June 13th, 1961
Publisher: Crown