THE SAND PEBBLES by Richard McKenna


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Sand Pebbles"", a corruption of San Pablo, is the nickname of the sailors who manned an ancient U. S. gunboat in Hunan Province, China, during the Kuomintang revolution of 1925 --1927. This book is the story of that crew as a whole, and every man, from the captain to the lowest coolie is drawn in detail with sympathy and understanding, though special emphasis is given one man who will be likened to the main character of From Here to Eternity. A bold well -- written book, inclusive in its concepts, memorable in character and incident, fearlessly impartial in its delineation of the incompatible sets of values held by the men on all sides. This is the Harper Prize novel and it will have a further accolade -- as Book-of-the-Month-Club January selection.

Pub Date: Jan. 2nd, 1962
ISBN: 1557504466
Publisher: Harper & Row