CHRIS MULDOON by Rita Shields


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Chris Muldoon is a normal, healthy, accident-prone 12-year-old. Some of his scrapes are typical little boy, others are just typical fictional little boy. The stereotypes include the two little pink spots on Mom's cheeks when she gets angry; the severe, old-maid school-teacher who turns out to be a good sport after all; the exaggerated dismay over dancing school and dress-up clothes; a priggish, studious boy named Percy, who gets into Chris' hair, and the heroic ending to compensate for the boy's misdemeanors. Despite the cliches, Chris seems almost genuine. His wild ideas develop naturally out of school and other routine activities, and the dialogue has a steady flow. Despite his gift for troublemaking, it is clear that Chris has a definite sense of honor. Chris' biggest problem occurs when a practical joke makes him appear to have been cheating -- an interesting situation which could have been handled at greater depth. Chris is almost as real as the boy next door -- and no more memorable.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1965
Publisher: McKay