A DISAPPEARANCE by Robert Carroll


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Caryl, the recently acquired wife of Steve Parrish, a lawyer, disappears from the Plaza-Athenee in Paris (all the furnishings here are haut chic) and when next he hears about her, she's been seen in Zermatt with a German woman whom she had previously known as a stripper. Back and forth and here and there, he gets a line on Caryl's only sketchily admitted past -- as a Hungarian refugee at seventeen -- as the accomplice of a man called Zoltan with an unhealthy record of drugs, counter-felting and murder which includes that of Caryl's former English fiance. He threatens Steve now. Ultimately he catches up with her abroad a yacht in St. Tropez along with the underworld and beau monde figures from her past. . . . A stagy story with too much make-up but still you read it for what it. is and isn't.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1975
Publisher: Dial