FOR LOVE by Robert Creeley


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Robert Creeley can be roughly placed with the fragmented artists of our time. He is a master of short-line technique, recalling Japanese verse, and of the nuances of mood, especially as they relate to his own subjective, somewhat self-conscious, perceptions. To others, not attuned, they may seem to lack perspective. But let Creeley speak for himself as he does in his Preface: ""Wherever it is one stumbles (to get to wherever) at least some way will exist, so to speak, as and when man takes this or that step- for which, God bless him. Insofar as these poems are such places, always they were stumbled into; warmth for a night perhaps, the misdirected intention come right; and too a sudden instance of love, and the being loved, wherewith a man also contrives a world (of his own mind)"". He says he writes poems because it pleases him to do so. And the value of his work lies, despite its ellipses, in its spontaneity and freshness. He is an avant-garde poet worthy of attention.

Pub Date: April 9th, 1962
Publisher: Scribner