ZIGGURAT by Robert Katz


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Styleless, low-class Condon, not to say philistine melodrama of the most pandering variety. O.N.A.N., the Organization of NonAligned Nations, has a plot to explode a plutonium bomb in the Far North, break loose a vast chunk of ice, and flood the Atlantic so that its level rises 25 feet. That, at least, is the threat it hopes to hold over the rich nations, who will then be blackmailed into the gradual transfer of their wealth to the Third World. O.N.A.N. kidnaps writer Zack Robertts (""Why the two t's?"" ""Why not?"") and gives him unrestrained access to all information about the terrorists' activities so that he can write a news story of convincing authenticity about the threat. First, though, he must help the blackmailers hijack some plutonium bars from a Swedish nuclear plant. At last the bomb is planted in Arctic ice. Will Zack find a way to render the bomb harmless? Pasted over this plot is a thick glop of masturbatory sex play, innuendo, and biblical symbolism that is absolute drivel when not otherwise simply tasteless. ""Z"" is for Ziggurat, zilch, zip, and zonk.

Pub Date: May 9th, 1977
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin