I, MOUSE by Robert Kraus
Kirkus Star


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The tiny and engaging mouse-hero of this petite offering feels unloved. He lives in a big old house where a mother, a father and a little boy constantly set traps to catch him. It was most ungrateful of them, for the mouse had wakened them one morning when they overslept; he had done his part in family song fests and even tried to wash the dishes. No matter -- they rejected him. Until the time the mouse single- handedly captured a burglar. We think children will like this story of a very tiny creature who becomes an economy-size hero, very much. The illustrations by Robert Kraus are fresh, and animated with very skilful juxtapositions of characters to connote the smallness of the mouse. The layout is clean and varied. The jacket is in bright colors: the illustrations throughout the book are in black and white. A little book to read to the lap-sized child.

Pub Date: March 19th, 1958
Publisher: Harper