SHAG, Last of the Plains Buffalo by Robert M. McClung
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SHAG, Last of the Plains Buffalo

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This is the story of Shag, a bull buffalo. It is also the story of all the Plains Buffalo and their near extinction in the last decades of the nineteenth century by ruthless men, machines and natural phenomena. Leader of his herd, Shag watches the number of his followers diminish, but with the nobility native to his species, he refuses to submit to the forces that would destroy him. Finally, when most of his number have been decimated, the lonely and formidable animal is granted sanctuary by the game laws which the government provides. Robert McClung, author of the Whooping Crane evokes a mood of nobility which makes this book memorable both as a study of American plain life, a new facet of conservation and as the portrayal of immense animal dignity.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1960
Publisher: Morrow