THE BIBLE SPEAKS TO YOU by Robert McAfes Brown
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One of the most brilliant of our younger theologians has produced a book which, while shot through with theology, nevertheless realizes a very practical aim of demonstrating how relevant to modern life the Bible really is. This purpose is accomplished by arranging the material in such a way that questions about the Bible and Christian faith are answered by reference to the Bible itself. Included are clear answers to such questions as: ""Where did the Bible come from?"", ""How does God make himself known?"", ""Where did everything come from?"", ""What makes Jesus so important?"", ""What is the Cross all about?"", ""Why is there evil in the world?"", ""What happens when I die?"", ""I try to live a good life. Isn't that enough?"" This theologian knows how to use colloqualisms and is not above a bit of humor now and then. Searching Christians from High School age up will find it a lucid and interesting book. Protestant and neo-orthodox, but with no axe-grinding.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1955
ISBN: 0664245978
Publisher: Westminster