HYENA DAY by Robert & Miriam Hsia Caputo


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The much-maligned hyene is treated with due contemporary understanding (its scavenging cleans up the environment; contrary to its cowardly image, it does also hunt) in this straightforward photo-record of a composite typical day. Unobtrusively (except for the odd, specialized use of the word ""opportunistic""), the authors integrate information on the hyena's development, behavior, and remarkable digestive capacity with the events of the day. We learn, for example, of the female's superior size, strength, and rank, which insures in a competitive feeding situation that there will be enough milk for the young. The photos, too, are so well matched with the text that a reader is scarcely aware of turning from one to the other. All the more unfortunate, then, that they appear here as dull, indistinct, and sometimes downright blurry. Otherwise, Caputo and Hsia give the hyena its due.

Pub Date: June 5th, 1978
Publisher: Coward, McCann & Geoghegan