TRIG GOES APE by Robert Newton Peck


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In a previous installment Elizabeth Trigman (Trig) won status with friends Skip and Bud when she acquired a Melvin Purvis Junior G-Man Machine Gun. Here Evelyn, a neighbor's mule, takes off with the gun while the town prepares for a visit from Buck Fargo's Wild Ape and Monkey Show. Well, Trig decides to get her gun back by spooking Evelyn with a flock of chickens; the chickens chase the mule from the field all the way to the gorilla cage at the show; and the story ends in characteristic managed pandemonium. There's also a lot of verbal misunderstanding of the ""Republic for Richard Sands"" variety (we succumbed to the Pullet Surprise-winning author)--but overall the corn cloys and Peck's rusty devices fail to keep this popping.

Pub Date: Oct. 23rd, 1981
Publisher: Little, Brown