LAUGHTER IN DARKNESS by Robert O'Neil Bristow


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When Mitchell Ashley, a potential Thomas Wolfe of Apollonian features, concurrently loses his eyesight and his girl, he decides to be a loner for life rather than risk being rejected for his handicap. Well, not exactly a loner, for a long and changing stream of well-meaning and lusty coeds troop faithfully to his room to assist the professor reading his papers, amongst other things, to the chagrin of his slovenly roommate Hubert and his virginal fiancee Arlene -- who are both titillated and disapproving -- and of Georgia, a tough English M.A. who knows she must leave him in order (maybe) to finally have him. A rather improbable LSD epiphany resolves this heartwarming, if vaguely sickening tale, which comes replete with an alcoholic-tippling seeing-eye dog named Bruce.

Pub Date: March 12th, 1974
Publisher: Crown