THE GAME OF X by Robert Sheckley


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For those who enjoy the hazardous harassments of fun loving, fearless secret agents, this is an out-and-out kneeslapper. Bill Nye, jobless American in Europe, is recruited by Colonel Baker of Britain's Secret Service to help them catch one Karinovsky, a spy. The assignment is so successful Baker delights in pretending that Nye was the redoubtable Agent X, Britain's spies' spy. Unfortunately, when Karinovsky decides to defect. The demands the assistance of X and Bill, outfitted with a remarkable reputation, is pressed back into Service. High hilarity ensues when Bill becomes forced to put his supposed talents into action in some of the funniest escape episodes since Pearl White played Perils. The cloak and dagger game was never more fun.

Pub Date: Sept. 13th, 1965
Publisher: Delacorte