THE INSIDE STORY by Robert Spiers Benjamin


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Believe it or not material and first class entertainment, as a group of twenty odd newspaper men and women and radio commentators ""tell all"". Kaltenborn, Eugene Lyons, Irene Kuhn, Mary Knight, Morrill Cody, Vanderbilt, Jr., and so on. Their hitherto told stories span twenty years and all continents. There's some sensational and questionable material, such as the espionage story back of the abdication, Villa's raid across the line in Columbus and the death of twenty United States citizens, an unpublished interview with Chiang Kai-shek and the effort to baulk the Sino-Japanese conflict, a six billion franc counterfeit job in Paris, actuated by outside governments. There are personal bits of gossip, about Hitler, about jobless kings and queens, about Mussolini. There is a prophecy of a future Japanese-British alliance, made by the man who predicted the Russian-German alliance in 1938, and so on. Good chance for a popular sale, even to those to whom the factual content is questionable. The standing of the members of the Overseas Press Club gives it some authority.

Pub Date: Jan. 29th, 1939
Publisher: Prentice Hall