READY TO HANG by Robert Tallant


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Seven true crime stories from New Orleans of lurid rather than classic proportions but each with some question left unanswered. From 1883 to 1933 the record surveys the killing of madam Kate Crawford by ""Bill"" Sykes in which the evidence was not all in favor of self defense; the chloroforming of 12 year old Jullette by charlatan Dr. Etienne: Lyons' murderous vengeance on D.A. Gurley: the kidnaping and murder of 7 year old Walter Lamana which drove the Maffia from its reign of terrorization: Annie Crawford's killing of her sister by optism; the almost unsolved riddle of the Axman who who kept the city convulsed with fear with his bloody deeds; and the exhibitionist crimes of young Neu. There is always contradictory testimony, the hot blooded attitude of both lawyers and citizens, the court battles and general sensational aspects in all these cases to make this garish reading.

Pub Date: April 9th, 1952
Publisher: Harper