EXPLAINING THE INEXPLICABLE: The Rodent's Guide to Lawyers by Rodent

EXPLAINING THE INEXPLICABLE: The Rodent's Guide to Lawyers

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In case the O.J. trial hasn't caused enough embarrassement to members of the bar, here comes The Rodent to finish the job. The Rodent--an L.A. (of course) attorney whose identity remains on deepest background--gained his reputation among his colleagues with an in-house newsletter. Now he's taking the law poop public. The Rodent will tell you ""everything you ever wanted to know about the legal profession but didn't want to be charged $250 an hour to find out."" Beginning at the beginning, he informs us that lawyers are born, not made (rather than Cowboys and Indians, they play Plaintiffs and Defendants); he shares the secrets behind those inscrutable bills (a lawyer's hour is longer than 60 minutes); and explains law-firm lingo and ""law fibs."" The Rodent is not imputing vile and mercenary intentions to all lawyers: He acknowledges the existence of a ""small percentage of attorneys whose purposes in practicing law are other than to become rich and contentious."" In targeting his colleagues at the bar, The Rodent swings hard and without mercy--he must be one hell of a good lawyer.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1995
Page count: 256pp
Publisher: Pocket