TANGLED WORLD by Roger L. Shinn


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The chapters of this book formed the background for--and were derived in part from--a series of television interviews concerned with the making of ethical decisions in the contemporary world. Most of the persons interviewed by the author, in a series produced by the United Church of Christ, are identified, and their contribution to the contents of the book is acknowledged. The chapter titles indicate the scope of the book: The World on the Move; The Scientific Transformation of Life; The Affluent Society; Poverty in the Midst of Plenty; The Organized Society; Metropolitan Society; Racial Conflict and Reconciliation; Law in a Changing Society; Political Perplexities; This One World; Revolution in Sexual Ethics; A New Era in Self-Understanding; Living in the Anxiety of Change. The style is clear; the substance and development concrete. This is a book for lay readers, and could serve very well as a text for adult discussion groups. It deserves a better title.

Pub Date: Jan. 28th, 1965
Publisher: Scribners