OLLING ROUND by Rolf-Illus. Myller
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There once was a king who had to travel to the end of his kingdom every so often to keep his far-off subjects contented. When his horse Hildegard takes sick, the king hires his chief architect to design' a substitute vehicle. The end-product, a fancy sedan chair, satisfies the king, but tires the carriers who fall asleep with their burden half way up a hill. Little Peter, a friend of Hildegard's, advises the architect to design some wheels. The architect sets about his work in all directions, not knowing what a wheel is, for it hasn't been invented yet. The slow progress is pictured with refreshing humor in swiftly sketched, under-sized pictures by the author. Here is the kind of comical interpretation of things that are-- a light ""prank""-- which will delight small people.

Pub Date: Aug. 23rd, 1963
Publisher: Atheneum