SHADOWS: Here, There, and Everywhere by Ron & Nancy Goor Goor

SHADOWS: Here, There, and Everywhere

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Any book that begins, lamely, ""Shadows are everywhere. Look around you,"" is pretty sure not to be going anywhere. This is whatever the authors could think of to say about shadows--from ""Shadows can be big or small,"" to ""What makes a shadow,"" to ""Every object has many different shadows"" and that standard plug, ""Shadows can be fun."" True, a child might learn why shadows are long when the sun is low--and even taking note of the phenomenon is something. But most of this is conceptualizing without a basic concept (and some of it asks us to study and learn what anyone can grasp at a glance--like the fact that you have no shadow when you're in a shadow). It's a stodgy exercise in shadow-appreciation, really--but with photos that are sometimes interesting in themselves (though almost never on a Tana Hoban or David Plowden level).

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1981
Publisher: T. Y. Crowell