DICK DEADEYE by Ronald--Illus. Searle


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The LC CIP data blames this on illustrator Searle, with added entries for both G & S; in addition the title page verso hames various others responsible for editing, design, original story, additional lyrics and text. The jacket flap announces that the book is based on an animated film, and about 50 co-conspirators are listed at the end--but it seems that whoever decided to market this as a children's book dare not speak his name. The cast included Dick Deadeye (""monocular matelot""), Buttercup (""One. . . no, two. . . of Nature's boobs""), Nanki (""a split personality""), Poo (""a personality split""), Nanki-Poo (""you figure it out""), Pirate King (""a monodextrous marauder""), Yum Yum (""a delectable, but barely detectable, Eastern Delight""), and more--all bumping into each other (and into a chorus of bare-breasted dancing gifts who look like they just popped out of a cake) in the search for an Ultimate Secret purloined from the Hexagon. Ronald Searle's drawings are fine in their place but their place is not with these wise-ass addlepates who are far too anxious for to shine.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1975
Publisher: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich