WHEN ALL IS SAID AND DONE: An Autobiography by Rose Franken


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The disclaimer to the contrary, Rose Franken has more in common with her Claudia than a love of domesticity, farming and Great Danes. Like Claudia, she goes on and on--with an insistent femininity. Still this expansive, womanly (in both character and concerns) memoir is very easy to read and her life is serialized through the phases which took her from childhood to a very young first marriage; the birth of her three boys; the death (after more than one bout with t.b.) of her first husband and the hard first year of loneliness which took her to Hollywood after the success of Another Language. Her writing, never a dedication, was only at her husband's insistence. In Hollywood she met and married William Brown Meloney; they moved back to the farm in Connecticut; she went on writing--mostly Claudia--which brought great success in several media; etc., etc. Famous people move in and out of her story but Mrs. Franken is an unimpressed with celebrities as she is with her own success. In its emphasis on everyday experience and the apotheosis of the average, her story has a common, comfortable attraction- say for Faith Baldwin's readership.

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 1963
Publisher: Doubleday