A TRIP TO THE POND: An Adventure in Nature by

A TRIP TO THE POND: An Adventure in Nature

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This is a crowded book. The text is crowded by the illustrations which fill the borders, some in color, some in black and white, each crammed with pond flora and fauna, all labeled but without much regard for relative size. Although the book's design and layout are distracting, there is a great deal of information here, both textual and visual, for the young collector/observer. Among the illustrations are whole life cycles of insects drawn in sequence, with anatomical details that show musculature or demonstrate movement and, for underwater aquatic life, there are cross-sections. The text is organized into eleven long chapters which separate the information on birds, plants, mammals, insects, etc. typical of the pond community. The end papers have an observation chart which suggests seventeen of the smaller specimens that can be gathered around ponds and tells how to catch them, what to carry them in, what to feed them and what to watch them for. Adequate as a personal book but unfortunately arranged for a supplementary text.

Pub Date: June 3rd, 1966
Publisher: Doubleday