PET TALE by Ruth and Latrobe Carroll


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Well, the race horse, who was a pet, had in turn a pet of his own, a donkey, who in his turn had a pet, a lamb -- and so on through several of the small and interesting animals who are to be seen on and around farms. Only the mouse, who was the rabbit's pet, had no pet at all until the day when she had six babies. They all had to go along to see the horse race and win, for one possibly couldn't go without the others. Children will like the ""Old MacDonald Had A Farm"" type of repetition, and the idea of descending sizes in the pets. The black and white illustrations by Ruth Carroll are amusing and lively, the red and black endpapers are gay, and the binding, in cloth, will stand a lot of handling. The fair sized, clear type will encourage easy reading although youngsters over seven will find the story too tame for them. It's just right to delight those up to that age, however.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1949
Publisher: Oxford