THE LUNCHEON COOKBOOK by Ruth Langland Holberg


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Accept the fact that luncheons must of reckoned with as something more than a snack from the refrigerator and justify the necessity of this new cookbook for people who are confronted with having to feed a family, a club, a committee, a visiting celebrity etc., Mrs. Hoberg has chosen to present her material on a round-the-seasons pattern, appropriate meals geared to plentiful foods, appropriate to the time of year. This is no quickie cookbook, though short cuts, modern equipment and advance preparation will help lift the burden. More than sixty menus are suggested with recipes simply presented on a chatty, how-to-do-it basis, and with cross references to avoid duplicating recipes used elsewhere. Occasionally sources of the dishes are indicated, but in the main this is reliable American-style food at its hearty best with enough originality and enough glamor to raise the gourmet standards of the hostess putting it to use.

Pub Date: Aug. 30th, 1961
Publisher: Crowell