INSTAR by Ryder Brady


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This story of reciprocal possession between man and his so-called best friend is full of queer goings-on so that it's often difficult to foresee just who is licking what. Hugh Murray, public-spirited lawyer, comes to spend the summer on Cape Cod with his lovely wife Consuela and their four children before everything goes wrong; not only the strange screams in the night but the episode with a neighbor, with a wild family history, whom he finds beating up his whippet, Waffles, before Hugh kills him accidentally. Hugh is cleared of any homicidal intent but left with the dog and something called an allegiance curse. He spends all his time with Waffles or booze or the hair of both and ends up alone on an island where he'd been as a young man but that's a whole other story within this one. There's no end of largesse, and improbability, to Brady's shocker but the well-bred circumstances both tone it up and take it down a little so that it reads better than it really is.

Pub Date: May 14th, 1976
Publisher: Doubleday