PELLY AND PEAK by Sally Wittman


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Peak and Pelly, two large birds (guess what kinds) who live together in a people-type house, warm up here with a guessing game when Pelly finds a Feather (""It begins with F"") and Peak uses it to Tickle (""begins with T"") his friend. The two enjoy ""a very tasty joke"" on April Fools' Day when Peak has Pelly help him turn the oven over for an upside-down cake and Pelly stands on his head to eat it; there is the obligatory misunderstanding when Peak laughs at Pelly's performance as a cuckoo in Peak's birthday-gift clock (later Pelly allows that ""Cuckoo birds have fun only once an hour. Pelicans have fun all day long""); and that favorite theme, the diversity of talent, is demonstrated at the beach where Pelly envies Peak's fantail display but proves himself to be the better fisherman. An unremarkable easy-reading duo--they'll do as an exercise where birds of this feather are indiscriminately employed.

Pub Date: April 26th, 1978
Publisher: Harper & Row