WHAT'S HAPPENING TO DAISY? by Sandy Rabinowitz


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Most readers will guess what's happening to Daisy the horse when they see on the very first page that her ""belly has grown so big and round she can barely squeeze into her stall""--but the little girl asking the question doesn't seem to catch on even after she crawls under Daisy for a close look at the ""warm, sweet milk drip[ping] from her udders."" Right away Daisy begins to twitch and pace and sweat, then--lying in the straw--to push. Soon ""out come two tiny hoofs. . . a head. . . shoulders""--and the shivering newborn foal is licked and nudged and tries to stand. At last, ""he makes it!"" It's all easy to take and unobjectionable from any viewpoint--but as the little girl's presence adds no story or evident human interest, one can only assume that this gently illustrated version (in blue and salmon washes) is aimed at those (adults?) who are leery of the photo-illustrated reality. Others will be more impressed and better informed by Isenbart's striking A Foal is Born (1976).

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Harper & Row