TIGRERO by Sasha Siemel


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To those whose memories swing back to Duguid's Green Hell, the name of Sasha Siemel may ring a bell, for he was Duguid's ""wild Russian engineer"" who served as professional guide and hunter on the trip recorded in that book. This is Siemel's own story of his years in the jungle empire in the heart of Brazil, Matto Grosso. And of his experiences as a jungle fighter, a lone wolf armed with a spear against the man-eating ""tigres"". His love for the wilderness of marsh and jungle, the strange animals and birds, pulled him back again and again from frontiers of civilization. But his killing was a professional job- to eliminate the beasts who slaughtered the cattle and the dogs and the men who were in his way. Superb adventure, sparked with an all-pervading awareness of the lure of the jungle. But it is a book that has terrific competition in a market that may be sated with other fine books, from Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett to Hunter by Hunter and the most recent H of the Hunter by Robert C. Ruark. That those books do not deal with South American hunting may give Tigrero a talking point. That and its stamp of authenticity.

Publisher: Prentice-Hall