A SHARE OF HONOR by Scott C. S. Stone


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A well worn but light and serviceable tract about ethnic amity in the Tennessee hills, and how the natives clobbered the Klan. government man Drake, ""point man in the leadoff platoon in the line company of the War on Poverty,"" is sent to Copper Crater to ask the community to spend Federal money on a little something they would like. Drake's message is received politely but with little real interest since everyone seems happy enough. In fact once Drake is settled in and finds himself a girl, the natives seem irresistible: a gun-toting atheist who fills the church with offstage volleys; a passionate hotel-owning squaw; a boozing sheriff; an Indian boy who learns his lore from an Irish buddy. When a local Neanderthal imports the Klan and there is a lynching, Drake and his new-found pals rally to. As a byproduct of victory, the Indian boy attains manhood, Drake and his girl head toward marriage, and close ties are closer. Hillbuddy blendship.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1969
Publisher: Lippincott