THE ART OF WORSHIP by Scott Francis Brenner


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Is God in there?"" This question as asked by a little girl standing before the open door of a Christian Church gives the Rev. Scott Francis Brenner the occasion to describe the various corporate worship techniques which should always serve the purpose of making God more real and present to the worshipper. He describes a pattern of worship more suitable to the so-called non-liturgical, evangelical churches, which in many cases have come to err on the side of plainness and monotonous informality in their worship practices, riding the pendulum to the extreme in their evidence avoidance of liturgical ceremonial mis-read as Catholic (Roman). Mr. Brenner, a minister of the United Presbyterian Church, is mild enough in his suggestions that much which has been discarded might well be restored, though he does not speak in terms of restoration, but he does emphasize helpfully the way and the place various elements of public worship should be conducted, -- to emphasize as constantly as possible the presence of God and avoiding the distracting intrusion of the minister and such peculiar personal habits of worship-conducting as he may have acquired. This manual is quite elemental, however; the young newly ordained Protestant minister is almost sure to believe he already knows more about the subject than the author, not to mention the older minister who will not find here a sufficiently strong motivation to change his own familiar habits.

Pub Date: Nov. 6th, 1961
Publisher: Macmillan