THE FOUR RARS by Senator Albert D. Thomas


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An airing of much of our muddled thinking, unjustified prejudices, and foolish precedents as a liberal politician discusses some of the problems involved in a postwar peace, believing that the peace will be even more difficult than the war. Claiming that we have always been afraid of idealism, he discusses our four primary fears which have and which will jeopardise international accord. These are the fear of entangling alliances, the fear of England, the fear or Russia and the fear or revolution. He shows that only freedom from want will accomplish true freedom and that the development of undeveloped countries, planned production, the reconciliation of government and business are essential. He takes up certain aspects of peace, the four freedoms, the , sovereignty, our enemies, etc. Sound sense, popularly put, but one questions if more than a minimum of these postwar planning discussions can be absorbed.

Publisher: Ziff-Davis