NORDY BANK by Sheena Porter


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Easter holiday camping on the Brown Clee (Wales) doesn't seem too Jolly--there's Anne screaming at every worm, Robin being fanciful and Bronwen Owen possessed by a 2500-year-old spirit who alternately argues historical facts about the Iron Age and broods in sullen silence. The listless vacation is broken up a few days early by Bron's instant taming of a wild, starving police dog, which cures her of her obsession and puts us into phase two--will she be permitted to have the dog? Here we lose interest in four of the six characters, best friend Margery Furness and Bron remaining. Phase three--should Bron accompany her parents to Paris (leaving her dog behind) or live with the Furness family and keep him--is quickly and conveniently settled and the book is over. A flip, untidy plot, totally unconvincing during its fantasy stage and conducive to in-difference throughout.

Pub Date: May 29th, 1967
Publisher: Roy