RAISING DEMONS by Shirley Jackson
Kirkus Star


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A sequel to Life Among The Savages continues life in that abundant household which includes her husband, Laurie, Sally, Jannie, Barry, the dog and a variable number of cats, and the collective confusion thereof as each pursues their individual interests. A rumor snowballs and propels them into buying a still larger house with an expensive interim in storage (10,000 books); she becomes a faculty wife and goes back to college the hard way; there is continual trouble with a refractory refrigerator, and the nervous ordeal of a visit from the Department of Internal Revenue; her husband- much to all their horror- presides as a judge at a beauty contest. Larry makes his mark in the Little League, Sally works her magic, and she just tries to keep up with and pick up after the lovely disarray of clothes, beds, meals, and assorted activities in the litter and clutter of a full house. For everyone else, it's a very pleasant form of pandemonium and hugely entertaining.

Pub Date: Jan. 2nd, 1956
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Cudahy