SUCCESSFULLY EVER AFTER: A Young Woman's Guide to Career Happiness by Shirley Sloan Fader

SUCCESSFULLY EVER AFTER: A Young Woman's Guide to Career Happiness

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Last time out, Fader took modern woman From Kitchen to Career (1977); now she assumes that, having gotten a job, we just need a little encouragement to get ahead. (There are extensive suggestions, however, on selecting the fastest-growing industries.) Much of this concerns itself with getting along (and getting around) on the job: how to discreetly circumvent the co-worker who would take credit for your ideas; how to ask for pay equal to that of others in your office or industry; why praise dwindles once you make the leap to middle management. (Answer: clerical workers are generally underpaid and dead-ended, so their bosses compensate with heaps of ""thanks""; higher up, the increased pay and opportunities are your thanks.) One of the nicer things about Fader is her impatience with a chip-on-the-shoulder approach: statistics demonstrating that women make only 60 cents to the man's dollar are unmasked as meaningless (the average is skewed by the disproportion of part-time female workers and of men at the extreme heights); male subordinates are sketched as already having adjusted to female supervisors. Fader has also combed reference sources from Administrative Management Society directories--for salary comparisons by job and geographic region--to specific labor arbitration cases that support, for example, the sexually harassed woman (even if she dated the man in question previously), or support the company against an employee who is late even on days worked voluntarily! Some good sense on a variety of going issues.

Pub Date: June 7th, 1982
Publisher: McGraw-Hill