GIVE YOUR CHILD A SUPERIOR MIND by Siegfried & Therese Engelmann


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This is a title guaranteed to allure overmotivated mothers who are thinking a out college diplomas at about the time they receive their infant's birth certificate. What lies inside is Just as likely to arouse most of the people who are professionally involved in teaching your child for a variety Of reasons-- some indicated in the beginning-- some not. Take the sentence ""Educators have almost completely missed the point of arithmetic and how to teach it."" The Engelmanns have their method and spend about a third of this book taking your pre-schooler up through advanced concepts. Not only algebra but astronomy. And also money-- and here there's a character-building heresy: reward your child (if he's under four) with money when he finishes reading a book. (!) The main premise of the Engelmannus' book is similar to that of Glenn Doman's How To Teach Your Baby to Read (Random House- 1964) with which many people disagreed-- more the book than the premise. Namely that what a child lÉarns before he is five is vital. Mr. Doman said do not waste the ""crucial years."" The Engelmanns say that even the normal Child is ""potentially gifted"" if offered the right concepts at an early age and they offer a complete curriculum for the mother for the 18 month to 5 Year period. Mothers will be very busy. Probably everyone else will be very angry. In any case, the simpler-minded or less educated people to whom the title will appeal may not be able to execute the program.

Pub Date: June 23rd, 1966
Publisher: Simon & Schuster