ORDEAL BY TRIAL: The Alice Crimmins Case by

ORDEAL BY TRIAL: The Alice Crimmins Case

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As prosecutor Mosley said initially, ""There's no place for sympathy in a case like this"" -- Alice Crimmins almost beyond a reasonable doubt murdered her four and five year-old children whom she refused to permit her (separated) husband to keep and locked up nightly while she swung, in and out of the house. An ""incredible array of shocking relations with men."" They included Joe Rorech who at first did not talk but in the second trial admitted she said ""Joseph, forgive me, I killed her."" and who also named the man helping with the disposition of the body (he had a narcotics record). Alice is seen, at first tearless during the identification of the bodies -- later as the trials dragged on for six years shrieking like a virago in the courtroom. Carpozi covered the case for the New York Post and has handled it here with reportorial competence. On re-direct? For those who wish to supplement the tabloid notoriety this case attracted in the metropolitan area although its intrinsic interest is almost as unjustified as sympathy. Except for the occasional irony -- had Alice Crimmins accepted the first verdict, she would be free today.

Pub Date: April 10th, 1972
Publisher: Walker