RUSSIA IN FLUX by Sir John Maynard


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Reported Aug. 1- P. 421- for Oct. publication as follows:- A scholarly treatise on Russia as a whole, delving into her history, discussing thoroughly the peasantry, the church, the broad sociological picture before the coming of Marx. The Marxian philosophy, the revolutions and civil wars that followed, the progress of the new ideology, the development of the whole new economy, its effect on the people as well as the country, and the policy of the new Russia toward the rest of the world are all individually investigated, with an equitable discussion of pros and cons which maintain throughout the intelligent, unbiased attitude of one who attempts to bring the light of understanding without prejudice. This book is a combination of Russia in Flux and The Russian Peasant and Other Studies which the author published in England in 1941 and 1942 respectively. It manifests a very British scholarship and detachment, both of which will mitigate against any popularity of appeal, to a wide American audience.

Pub Date: March 2nd, 1947
ISBN: 0548440239
Publisher: Macmillan