FAILURE OF A MISSION by Sir Nevile Henderson
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This much-heralded record of a British Ambassador to Berlin of the critical period from 1937-1939, lives up to all that is claimed for it, and will surely be headlined in the literary press. Henderson had a unique opportunity to watch, study and appraise the activities and the philosophy of the German Reich, to study Hitler, Goehring, Ribbentrop and others in the saddle today. He was honestly and sincerely desirous of finding the best in the Nazi formula, and fulfilled his mission as an ambassador of fair play, so his ultimate conclusions have more weight. The forward march of Naziism is an old story now, but here is the inside picture of Munich, and the best defense for the English position that has been advanced. The plotting and scheming of Hitler and the war party are clearly revealed, and backed up by facts and documentary evidence. Henderson makes his story a simple one, dramatic in presentation, and as revealing as the operation of a skilled surgeon and psychiatrist, on the brains of a people. In spite of his disillusionment,he can still write: ""I like and admire the German people"".

Pub Date: April 19th, 1940
ISBN: 1104840081
Publisher: Putnam