COLLISION by Spencer Dunmore


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An implausible (though familiar) near-catastrophe involving two jets which ultimately collide, thereby becoming joined into a wobbly ""monster, an aeronautical aberration."" Alas, this mid-air mishap has few High & Mighty heroics. British pilot Frank Beatty -- now operating for a shaky charter outfit following his recent 747 crash-landing -- conceals the fact that he's been suffering epileptic blackouts. TranState's ""aging Lothario"" of a captain, Chuck Vaughan, is at least physically fit, though he's been an emotional wreck ever since his on and ongoing affair with a Canadian ex-stewardess. With the news of the girl's death ascertained en route, he's too distraught to avert the 707-DC8 docking. The airbound Siamese twins continue on somehow and land miraculously even though Beatty -- the only casualty -- opts to go down with his ship. A matter of just plane negligence from the author of Bomb Run and Tower of Strength.

Pub Date: April 16th, 1975
Publisher: Morrow