JOE MEEK by Stanley Vestal


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A skillful biography of the boisterous, big-hearted Rocky Mountain fur trapper who became first U.S. Marshal for Oregon which goes out over the Santa Fe Trail in the days of beaver-trappers, rival fur-traders, Indians and settlers. These are the bold exploits of a sentimental, boastful, opinionated, generous, hard-drinking, tough American; Joe Meek fought Comanches with Kit Carson, ate ants and moccasin soles in the desert, and married three Indian squaws. Wild mountain freedom, the baiting of bears and parsons suited him best- but he became an unwilling farmer and a pro-temperance politican in Oregon, and established U.S. justice in that new territory. But with the Whitman massacre, in which his own daughters lost their lives, Meek joked his way pennilessly and uproariously to Washington- for military aid. Little aid came, but a territorial government was established, with Meek as Marshal.... An early American portrait which has vigor and vitality- to which Vestal lends a practised hand and an established name.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1952
Publisher: Caxton