A SALUTE TO AMERICAN COOKING by Stephen & Ethel Longstreet


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The authors admit to collecting these mainly gourmet recipes when they were ""young and dating"" and in the economical presentation (there is a minimum of dawdling on the liner processes more experienced cooks crave) and variety of combinations and ingredients, this is a lively output for the gourmet novitiate. Don't pay too much mind to the regional/ethnic grouping. There are them as hold with tomatoes in the baked beans in the West as well as-contrary to popular belief--in New England. Occasional chillies are set forth like recipes for bear paws, octopus and calf's foot, and there is a recipe for a New England festive drink called ""Royal Attack Punch"" that could wipe out a middle-aged dinner party in one round. However, most of the ingredients are easy come by, and in these adventurous combinations, promise much. Experimental but good fun.

Pub Date: Nov. 21st, 1968
Publisher: Hawthorn