JUGGER by Sterling C. Quinlan


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There's a touch of Tortillu Flat in this zany, bawdy story of the village ne'er do well, whose steady diet of ""borrowed"" applejack inspires him to keep the whole village on edge. Not quite the whole village; there's a colony on the Ledge which has some of the earmarks of the Jackson Whites, ""originals"" of addled wits and unpredictable morals who lead pitiful lives on the edge of nothingness. Jugger is their friend and benefactor. When he voluntarily goes to the Poor Farm, frightened by the doctor's verdict of his state of health, they find themselves even more desperate than usual. Jugger isn't around to provide for the needs-and to throw strange parties. So he is charged with the responsibility of escaping the Poor Farm, somehow raising $200 to spring the twin idiot sons of a pathetic Ledge couple, and bringing a measure of security back to their lives. He has his problems, but a few rather violent assaults on village property-and a theft from the church strongbox- bring him close to a solution -- until he is caught again. How he meets this final affront; how he gets a promise that the twins will go home; and how he- and his bride, the light o'-love Carrot Woman, find themselves headed once more for the Poor Farm make a story with some odd twists and a few barbs at moral issues.

Pub Date: June 24th, 1960
Publisher: McDowell, Obolensky