GIANT JOURNEY by Steven Kroll


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A pointless story, arbitrarily about giants, that seems to have a moral but doesn't support one. Ignatius and Magnolia, whom we are expected to recognize as giants though Kroll doesn't tell us they are, are best friends for 500 years before Ignatius asks Magnolia to marry him. His proposal, however, starts Magnolia thinking about how boring he is, and this prompts her to set out for the city and a more exciting life. Once in the city, she's invited to dine by a gentleman giant, but he stalks out of the fancy restaurant disgusted by her table manners. A skinny bird-watching giant she meets in the park is too preoccupied with the birds to be good company, a bearded guitar-playing giant hates her singing, and a human ex-clown talks only about himself. And so, after this one-day merry-go-round, she goes home and happily marries Ignatius. Trouble is, Ignatius is still boring, and there's nothing interesting, funny, or revealing about Magnolia's encounters.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1981
Publisher: Holiday House