SINGLED OUT by Steven Whitney


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Another psychopathic killer in New York--this one picks up pretty ladies in East Side singles bars and then ice-picks them during or after sex. Want the gory details? Well, the first one's just a straight kill mid-climax, but the second victim (a women's libber) is disemboweled via the vagina, the third has her heart removed and left at the Hallmark Card Gallery as a Valentine's Day card, and the fourth (a Jesus freak) is crucified. Some pseudo-lovable cops go after this creep, of course--his name is David Cooper and his problems are supposed to have something to do with premature ejaculation--by sending policewomen in as decoys. Virginia Delaney is the lucky cop-ette who lands in David's bed (he has an ""astonishing orgasm"" and falls a little bit in love), and there's a last-second rescue and shoot-out. By the by, David tells one of his victims that he's writing a novel about an ice-pick killer. ""This is some sick novel you're writing,"" she says. ""Sick novels sell,"" he says. Cute, huh? Yeah, real cute. And real slick. And very sick.

Pub Date: Aug. 23rd, 1978
Publisher: Morrow