EVEN IN DEATH by Stewart Davine


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A newcomer in the field, so far as we can ascertain -- and the set-up suggests that perhaps here is another of the Leslie Ford genre, with close kin to Grace Latham in Kit Drisooil, whose curiosity takes her into plenty of trouble. Her first mistake was going to visit a Virginia school friend, in what turned out to be a gloomy Victorian mansion, where the Blanchard family, lived, bound by the hand of death. But that wasn't all. Kit is practically in on the kill when the unwanted new daughter-in-law dies a violent, accidental (7) death; when the Yankee fortune hunter, engaged to a niece next door, is killed in the garden at night, by weapon unknown. She has a few close calls herself, before she supplies some missing links which help Inspector LeBeau unravel a three generation scandal. Action atmosphere false clues- and a rational enough solution.

Pub Date: April 6th, 1950
Publisher: Doubleday