AIDS: In Search of a Killer by Suzanne LeVert

AIDS: In Search of a Killer

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A combination of reporting on epidemiological research and warm visiting with victims. Opening with questions and answers about AIDS, free-lance writer/editor LeVert offers the basics. She follows with a scientific analysis of immunology, a history of AIDS, and case studies. The book is especially strong on the valiant efforts of the gay community to fight for their lives, and on discussions of civil rights regarding housing, jobs and testing. She occasionally skirts issues, e.g., ""Homosexual men contract AIDS more often (in this country) than heterosexuals because they frequently perform a certain sexual act common, but not exclusive, to the homosexual life-style."" Because of AIDS, parents are forced to discuss sex more graphically with their adolescents than they'd ever imagined they would. Those parents unable to muster the nervewill rely on books to give the full story and use words like anal intercourse. LeVert wisely calls AIDS a clever disease and compares the search for its cure to an Agatha Christie mystery, complete with killers, victims, false leads, modus operandi, and detectives.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1987
Publisher: Messner