FOR EVERY HERO by Sylvia Wilcox


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The most and the best that can be said for this book is that it approximates women's magazine fiction and is to be read in that way- to pass the time and be forgotten. Set on Ross Island in the Pacific, among the WAVES, it chiefly concerns Lt. Ann Stark (Miss Goody-Two Shoes), young, fresh and beautiful, as she comes to this service and that of her country full of understanding for all her follow beings, of all races and religions. She has to deal with various critical situations: sharing quarters with another WAVE whose sole concern is her sexual attractiveness, even when facing a life or death operation; helping an enlisted WAVE obtain an abortion; finding the basis of the illicit but known relationship which exists between the Navy island commander (whose respect she has) and his secretary (whose confidence she acquires); a platonic affair with a young Marine-who turns out to be a homosexual, and an unhappier romance with Seth- who turns out to be married. But all is well that ends- as she does find her true love.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1961
Publisher: McKay