THE GYPSY FROM CADIZ by Tamsin Hamilton


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Lola Sarita, spawn of the Cadiz slums and a gypsy bargirl mom, is destined for greater things by her incredible bod, Forever Amber eyes, and genius at Spanish dance. Taught bedroom arts in a classy bordello and polished up in a sultan's harem, Lola (modeled on La Belle Otero) soon graces the stage of Gay Paree at the fin de siècle. The entire male population stands and adjusts its clothing at the sight of her world-historical pulchritude, but Lola loves only her childhood sweetheart (who hasn't got the do re mi). For a consideration, however, she is happy to oblige the crowned heads of Europe (Bertie and Leopold of Belgium), the flower of Montmartre (de Maupassant and Toulouse-Lautrec), the high intelligentsia (Louis Pasteur and Edmond de Goncourt), even assorted Russian boyars and Oscar Wilde. All are charmed by her mixture of innocence and wild sensuality. For Leopold, she has herself covered in cream and served naked on a silver tray at Maxim's;the old gent gets indigestion. The salle privÉe scenes are more workaday than softcore, but Lola is a devil with the castanets, ""lost in some mysterious sexual ceremony, her heels stamping, fingers clicking, body undulating."" Not up to The Hire Report in matters of technique but has a slightly stronger plot line.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1977
Publisher: Coward, McCann & Geoghegan