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Plenty passion -- and high torment -in the stories of three Margarets, proud, and the drama of their lives, loves and losses. The first, protecting against the Victorian gentility of her protected home, falls in love while in Paris for a summer, with a Russian nobel who is not free to marry her. She returns hoping to gain an outlet through her musical career, only to find herself own by obligations to her orphaned nieces, Cynthia and Margaret...The second loves, marries and loses her man after six weeks in the first world war. She , wins fame and a degree of notoriety -- but never loves again... It to the Margie of the third generation, wild, degenerate, spoiled, who falls in love with the Frenchman and who gets her man. High romantic voltage, for women who rent -- and by. The publishers plan a substantial campaign. Our feeling is that this is not of great importance, but very readable ""pop"".

Publisher: Messner