THE WINNER'S NOTEBOOK by Theodore Isaac Rubin


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Dr. Rubin writes best when he is preaching what he's practising (as against his novels) and in the litter (a word you can use literally) of books on self-improvement, this is one of the soundest. Even though it is becoming increasingly difficult to learn anything new about knowing yourself. Dr. Rubin deals with assets (family; health; intellect; feeling, imagination; etc.) and secondly muddles (various confusions, indecisions, impedimenta): a third section copes with sexual problems (the most ""prevalent and destructive""), a fourth with relating--to anyone (along with 101 questions) and a final chapter on securing professional help. Dr. Rubin stresses relating which, with the presence of his name and in the absence of sentimental rubble, seems very likely here.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Trident